CNA represents CILECT member institutions in Canada and the United States.



  • To further the mission of CILECT
  • To grow CNA membership
  • To increase CNA generated activities such as symposia and conferences
  • To encourage participation of CNA member institutions in CILECT activities
  • To develop curriculum and production partnerships between CNA members and members of the other four CILECT regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, and Ibero-America

With the rise of digital technologies and social media, along with rapid and ongoing evolution of delivery platforms, all new entrants to the screen arts and industries need to be familiar with and function effectively at both local and global levels. CILECT is the only international organization structured to support this range of knowledge and competencies in screen education through the dynamic integration of discrete regional associations.
— Professor Bruce Sheridan, Chair CILECT North America


  • Digital Innovation Symposium, UFVA Conference Pre-Day, Las Vegas, NV, July 2016
  • Serial Risk: CNA Training the Trainers Workshop, Montreal, Canada, March 2016

  • Post-Production Symposium, Chicago, U.S.A., October 2015
  • Documentary Symposium, UFVA Conference Pre-Day, Washington, D.C., August 2015

  • Pre-visualization Symposium, Toronto, Canada, February 2015